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Youtube channel NEOPIXEL TOKYO have recently released a let’s play video for Espire 1: VR Operative, showing off some of the Espire mechanics, items, soldiers and scenarios through gameplay from the prototype. We are very chuffed to see them walk through the prototype and loved the commentary. We were especially excited to see the PDA’s detachable camera lined up with the weapon’s iron sights – a feature we hadn’t thought of developing yet, but will definitely implement now!

In the video you’ll notice a lot of shaking – this is due to severe performance issues with the prototype. We’ve done a few optimization rounds over the past month to ensure the game will run at a stable 90FPS on the VR recommended specs. We’ve been working tirelessly on Espire all year and are excited to get it to VR stealth and action gamers worldwide as soon as possible! Thanks for supporting Espire 1!

The world’s first “Let’s Play” video for Espire 1 by Neopixel Tokyo