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Logo for Espire 1 VR Stealth game

Espire 1 Development Diary

Michael Wentworth-Bell here, lead designer of Espire 1: VR Operative. I’ve started two development diary threads – one on CGTalk, my favourite Computer Graphics community, and a second on the Unreal Engine Developer’s forum.

I will update these threads with every VR Diary video that I release and every major milestone. With these threads i’m hoping to connect with other artists in the CG and VR development communities and hope to form discussions around the game, Stealth and VR.

Espire 1 – CGTalk Development Thread

Espire 1 – Unreal Engine Development Thread

My early Espire dev vides from late 2016 / early 2017:

Espire 1 – VR Development Diary Videos on my personal YouTube account

Note – July 2017: Espire VR stealth dev videos will now be posted on the official Espire VR account.